The BEST Amenities South Florida has to Offer!

The centerpiece of Kings Point is the luxurious and unrivalled Main Clubhouse! With over 100,000 square feet of fully-renovated and updated décor, the Main Clubhouse is truly a masterpiece and best of all, it is an extension of your own living room! There are hundreds of activities per week that take place in our Clubhouse facilities and with extended hours all year long, you are always welcome to sign-up for a course or just relax in a cozy chair and read the newspaper. All of our residents have come to enjoy our newly renovated Atrium, which is magnificently appointed and has a warm and friendly feel. In addition to the Main Clubhouse, Kings Point residents have the option of enjoying our 2 other on-site Clubhouse facilities, the Flanders Clubhouse and the Monaco Clubhouse. We welcome you, our extended family, to your new home and one of the most important aspects of your Kings Point experience!

At Kings Point, golfers of all skill levels enjoy affordable playing time on-site at either of our 2 very own on-site courses. We offer one Par-3 Course and one Executive Course. Our residents always remark at how playable and enjoyable our golf courses are, 365-days per year! We have 2 separate Golf Pro Shops, fully stocked with the latest equipment and apparel. There are on-site cart rentals making golfing at Kings Point an extremely pleasurable activity!

With 8 exciting tennis courts at Kings Point, tennis enthusiasts can stay active with our various leagues and private play. The courts are well maintained and always in tournament-ready condition.

Kings Point has exceptional state-of-the-art exercise facilities. From cardio vascular and weight training equipment to instructional aerobics and swimming class, there are hundreds of ways to stay-fit in our community! Kings Point publishes a periodic calendar of exercise classes so that our residents can sign-up for all the things that interest them most, while keeping in shape and staying healthy! For additional instruction, we offer personal fitness trainers for private training sessions and South Florida’s only “Heart Trail” for circuit-style exercising around the lake behind the Main Clubhouse.

All 6 of our refreshing swimming pools in Kings Point are heated for all year ’round enjoyment. There is a large INDOOR swimming pool at the Main Clubhouse and other satellite pools conveniently located throughout the community. We also feature whirlpool spa hot tubs, which are perfect for relaxing and unwinding. No matter which building you live in, there is always a lovely pool to enjoy nearby.

Our residents enjoy dozens of professional billiards and ping pong tables that are located inside of our Clubhouses. It is wonderful to meet fellow residents while playing these social activities.

Many of Kings Point residents stay in touch with their families by e-mail and are avid computer users. Our new software collections, state-of-the-art hardware, dynamic instructors and enthusiastic club-members all make our computer facilities one of the busiest parts of our communities. If you have your own laptop or smart phone, you’ll enjoy Wi-Fi in our Main Clubhouse, which is included in your condo maintenance.

If you enjoy using your creative side to express yourself, there is no place better for you than your Kings Point Clubhouse! We offer many courses in pottery and jewelry making, knitting, sculpting, painting, wood-work, lapidary and more! The incredibly creative talent displayed by some of our residents is a sight to behold! Come and learn a new hobby or keep practicing and perfecting those life-long skills!

We have deluxe card rooms available in all 3 Clubhouses. We welcome beginners, intermediates and advanced card players to enjoy our multitude of games, some of which include bridge, canasta, poker, gin and more! Don’t forget about our countless social games of mahjong all throughout the week!

It would be nearly impossible to find a place that has more clubs and organizations than Kings Point. No matter what you are interested in, we have over 100 clubs and organizations that would love to welcome you with open arms. In the rare and unlikely event that we do not have what you are looking for, it is easy to organize your own new club and invite your friends to join! We have broad-interest clubs such as “Theater Club” and the “Exercise Club” as well as more unique-interest clubs such as “The Bronx Club” and the “Ballroom Dancing Club.” If you can dream it, we offer it at Kings Point!

Poker table with cards and chips